Inspects (Country): 
Cambodia / People's Republic of China / Lao PDR / Myanmar / Thailand / Viet Nam


The certification system of ChinaGAP is divided into two levels: Level 1 Certification and Level 2 Certification. Level 1 Certification is in line with the requirements of GLOBALGAP and the certificate of Level 1 Certification which is issued by the certification body is acceptable by GLOBALGAP, and the certification body should be approved and appointed by CNCA.


The IFOAM Standard is an internationally applicable organic standard born to create synergies and harmonization in the organic sector at global level. Ecocert Organic Standard is developed based on the IFOAM Standard and Ecocert received IFOAM accreditation from IOAS since 1996.


ACT received IFOAM accreditation from IOAS in 2001. ACT is the first certification body in Asia to get this recognition. In this programme, the scope of certification that ACT can offer includes crop production, wild harvest, aquaculture, processing and handling, and commercial input certifications. Operators certified under this programme can use the ACT organic seal together with the label “IFOAM Accredited”. The ACT seal and IFOAM Accredited label must always accompany each other.