Green Water Management

Mrs. Saysamone Ta-In: Pioneer-Farmer in Green Water Management

Background: The ADB TA 8163 Core Agriculture Support Program Phase II, has provided support to selected  Ministries of Agriculture in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) within the ambit of the Working Group on Agriculture. Following the success of the first round pilot projects in 2014-2015 and an Assessement mission on lessons learned , a second round of  of pilot projects were launched in late 2016 on Green Water Management (GWM) and on Nitogen Use Efficiency {NUE). 

Integrated Farming System and Livelihood Improvement through Adequate Green Water Management and Integrated with Participatory Guarantee System Project”, in short called “Green Water Management project (GWM)”

Green Water Management project (GWM) is aimed at increasing agriculture productivity and producing safe food products through adoption of the GWM technology on a sustainable climate friendly agriculture (CFA) farm that leads to reduce poverty through income generation from the CFA farms.