Organic Certification

Biocert International Pvt. Ltd.

Biocert International Private Limited an ISO65 / 17065 accredited inspection and certification Body that provide third part inspection and certification services for Organic farming, Sustainable agricultural practices, Good Agricultural Practices and livestock management. The company was established with the motto to provide professional inspection and certification services to stakeholders in developing countries at an affordable cost. Biocert has certified clients in many countries in Africa, East Asia and South Asia.

C.C.I.C.(Thailand) Co., Ltd

C.C.I.C.(Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a Thai-China joint venture opened by China National Import & Export Commodities Inspection Corporation (CCIC) since 1987, is a worldwide independent surveying/inspection company. Being entrusted by the clients both in Thailand and China, the companies carry out the inspection/surveying, survey on damaged cargo and draft survey, etc. before/after shipment on both import & export cargoes.

Organic Food Development And Certification Center Of China (OFDC)

Organic Food Development Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China (OFDC-MEP), founded in 1994, is the pioneer of the organic movement in China. OFDC-MEP has long been engaged in researches on policies, standards, practical technology, production base planning, publicity, training and quality control of organic farming and eco-farming, providing technical support to the government decision makers.

Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT)

Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT) is an independent certification organization established in 1995 by the Alternative Agriculture Network (AAN),NGOs, academic, consumer organization, media, and green shop network, working on sustainable agriculture. In 1999, the first organic standards were developed and soon after ACT launched its inspection-certification services. In 2001, a non-profit foundation was registered